Pro-Shot Injection System

Designed to pre-measure and inject 1/8 oz. of dye with each stroke, this is the most precise and accurate injection system on the market, eliminating waste yet providing sufficient quantity for a majority of passenger vehicles. Ideal for injecting into closed, filled A/C systems up to 250 psi. The injector is made of robust die cast alloy and can be fitted with a low side snap coupler for use on R-1234yf A/C systems. Services 64 Vehicles.

Eco-Brite Universal A/C Dye 8 oz. Cartridge
• Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Safe
Star-Brite LED Leak Detection Lamp – Model BSL845
Maxi-Brite UV Fluorescence Enhancing Glasses
Dye-Out Dye Cleaner 2 oz.
• SAE J2297/J2911 Certified and OEM Approved
• R-134a Low Side Snap Coupler and Purge Fitting
• R12 Injector Hose Included (optional R1234yf coupler available)
• 64 Dye Installed Service Stickers Included
• Plastic Case